The Mother Board, Deaconesses and Minister's Wives (MDM) are combined into one group of ladies who operate under the close and dedicated guidance of Mother Bessie Bradford.

This team of ladies know who they are and they work in their own area of service as defined in the church's by-laws for the Mother Board and Deaconess. They also know how to work together to get the job done.


Their mission is to support the Deacon Board and to serve the needs of WMLBC members.


MDM meets every other month on Saturday at 11:00 am.

Mother Board

The members of the "Mother Board of WMLBC" are our seasoned ladies who have stood the test of service. They are well versed in the bible and are in constant prayer for the church family.

They are a constant and reliable source of wisdom for the young and old alike and is a source of comfort and encouragement to members suffering bereavement and loss.

They assist the Deacons in counseling members, receiving new members and with the morning service devotion each 5th Sunday.