Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry of West Mastin Lake is called Marriage More Abundantly. It was established in 2009 by Mike and Karmel Pope as an opportunity for married and engaged couples to gather and concentrate on their spouse, celebrate their love, share with each other, enhance their relationships, and strengthen their family bond.  EVERY couple, no matter how short or how long the marriage, has something to share that can help another couple.

Mike and Karmel's motto is We don't desire to teach, but to facilitate so that we are all gaining from the experiences of others that help us enjoy Marriage More Abundantly.

Every other month they have a workshop with discussions, activities, and insights on a certain topic.  On opposite months they have a fun night, which could be anything from a game night, to bowling, to a train ride, or their acclaimed annual Couples Christmas Party.    Whether a workshop or a fun night, each monthly gathering is for the purpose of making marriages happier and better each day!

Calendar of this year's events